Our Commitment

To keep you healthy

For chiropractic quality care in a warm atmosphere, opt for the Clinique Chiropratique Duvernay.

Dr Martin Lapointe, D.C.


Personalized approach with different treatment techniques

  • Manual chiropratic adjustments
  • Chiropratic adjustment with Vibropercutor
  • Activator Method
  • Thompson method with mechanized table (drop)
  • Mobilisations and manipulations
  • Muscular techniques (ART-Active Release, Trigger Points, Massages)
  • Cox Techniques with flexion-distraction table




What our patients have to say

“I had TMJ and severe low back and neck pain. I was under Orthopaedic and Neurologist care. I had 2 nerve blocks done to my spine, nothing helped. I couldn't exercise nor swim, even walking was becoming difficult. These problems persisted for 4 years.

After 1 week of chiropractic care, my jaw problem was gone, my neck pain and headaches were greatly reduced. My lower backpain was gone.

Now I exercise , run , do weight training, and my favorite is swimming.

I recommand chiropractic care to everyone, I have brought my kids in for care as well."



- Shoshana Zimmerman

“Chronic aches and pains for 20 years plus... I suffered from recurrent headaches, pains in neck, shoulders, back and indigestion.  Tired of suffering and through the recommandation of a friend I started chiropractic care with Dr Lapointe. After 6 weeks I was feeling much better and even my digestion improved. I am very satisfied.”



- Mme Cécile Cyr

“Neck stiffness and dizzyness. Following the good results my spouse was obtaining, I considered chiropractic. With the chiropractic adjustments I got a significant reduction in my symptoms. I would recommend chiropractic and more so Dr Lapointe because he teaches good lifestyle habits as well.”




- Geneviève Paradis

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