Neurodiscal Decompression Therapy

As of 2017 we are affiliated to CLINIQUE HERNIE DISCALE.COM. We now have all proven technologies to treat disc pathologies.


In order to achieve discal decompression, we can utilise :

  • Motorised Vertebral Decompression Traction Table
  • COX Flexion-Distraction Table
  • DRX-9000 , very few clinics have access to that technology
  • SPINEFORCE for back strengthening exercises



One of the few clinics authorised accross Quebec via our affiliation with CLINIQUE HERNIE DISCALE.COM

SPINEFORCE  is a proven method for strengthening the back.



Ideal for patients who cannot sustain abdominal pressure, no abdo-pelvic harnesses used. The pelvic stabilisation and lumbar angle are achieved directly on the table. Stronger iliac crest pressure is created by this table, therefore treatment time is limited to 30 minutes and actual force used is usually 30% less than on the DRX-9000.

Utilised by medical doctors, surgeons and chiroprators


These decompression tables are well known in the USA. Since US citizens have to pay for their medical care , it is more cost efficient and affordable to go for neurodiscal decompression therapy versus back surgery . In Quebec , these treatments are not covered by RAMQ , just like dentistery , optometry, chiropractic, eye laser correction ,etc. If your case can be improved via NeuroDiscal Decompression therapy, then it will not be an expense but rather an investment towards a healthier more productive life.


The operation and effects of the devices

During treatment, a simple movement of the patient is perceived by the computer which sends an amplified signal to the servomotor of the device. The latter is adjusted to ensure that no harmful resistance of contractions is exerted by the muscles surrounding the disc, which could make the problem worse.


The device adjusts to a unique inclination and specific force for each disc and each person. The table opens in two, which causes a decrease in the vertebral curve and releases the posterior region of the disc. It works with a repetitive sinusoidal motion; Each cycle lasts 90 seconds and is continually exerted without gravitational force, creating a vacuum between the vertebrae and the disc. The gravitational pressure of the disc then always remains negative. This creates a suction effect between the vertebrae, promoting blood flow and absorption of nutrients. The disc normally composed of 80% of water rehydrates and its expansion leads to a resorption of the hernia and / or bulging.


Finally, the device reduces the pressure on the nerves and decreases the pain associated with it.

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